This test is a practical tool for measuring your self-esteem level. It consists of twelve simple questions to answer by indicating how true and appropriate the statement is for you.

Your test score positions you within a matrix which highlights both your level of self-confidence and your level of social interaction with others. In effect, a person with low self-esteem will give himself a low evaluation and show a high level of dependence on society and on others.

Graphically, the matrix highlights a target area (zone 5), that you should aspire to. Zone 5 indicates a high level of self-esteem accompanied by a strong sense of self and a limited dependence on the opinions of others.

The score obtained for the Social Independence (Independence) element is represented on the horizontal axis of the matrix, while the score obtained for the Security in Oneself (Security) element is represented on the vertical axis of the matrix. Mark the point corresponding to your result; you will need it to periodically check your progress.



1.I am convinced that I have good qualities.
2.I feel comfortable when I’m the center of attention.
3.Sometimes I feel useless.
4.When I’m in a group, I have the feeling that others always know everything.
5.Overall, I am satisfied with myself.
6.What I say will probably seem stupid.
7.Sometimes I think I am a failure.
8.People behave differently when they’re alone.
9.I always achieve what I want.
10.I feel more at ease if I wear designer clothes.
11.I have lost important opportunities over the years.
12.I get anxious when I can’t think of anything to say.